rendez-vous du carnets de voyage


This past weekend, I had the honour of exhibiting my travel sketches in the 16ème Rendez-vous du Carnets de Voyage in Clermont-Ferrand— an experience that I will never forget. A heartfelt thank you to the organizers, the artists, the editors, and of course, the public— merci à tous. You are proof of the beauty and kindness in this world.



I hope to see you next year!

carnets de voyages en orient

setting up for the exhibition
A selection of my travel sketches, which include sketches of the 2013 Gezi Park protests, and four of my large-scale ink portraits, are currently on display with the work of PeF, Maya Andersson, Frédéric Rudant, Christophe Pons, and the Atelier multimédia Bellegarde, at the Centre Culturel Bellegarde in Toulouse, France. The exhibition, Carnets du Voyage en Orient, is centered around the theme of travel sketching in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. These are a few photos of the event, and some of the preparation leading up to it.





The sketch in the upper left is my handiwork, the other three sketches are by PeF.


The sketch in the upper left is by PeF, the other two are mine.




Carnets du Voyage en Orient runs from November 6th until December 30th, 2014.